Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jackalope Hunting

I recently purchased a new .22 rifle for varmint hunting and to have a good plinkster. The gun I purchased is the Remington Model 597 but in the camo composite stock. I mounted a 3-9 x 40mm scope and it is a pretty sweet little setup. I have been out west towards Snowville a couple times before, but never had much luck. Now that I am equipped with a super high powered rifle we can go slay some bunnies.
Hunting rabbits is not an extremely detailed hunt or anything, it is just fun to have a good semi auto .22 rifle that can go out and just plink as much as you want. This year it seems that there are quite a few rabbits, but they are jumpy and don't let you get too close. That makes the scope come in pretty handy.

I am originally from Wyoming and up there I have seen many mounts and pictures of the rare Jackalope, but have never seen a live one myself. Kirk had told me that some guys at his work heard that their were Jackalopes being spotted out in the Snowville area. We have been out there a couple times in the last month and have not seen anything resembling a Jack rabbit with antlers. I don't know that we will run into one ever but if we do I sure hope that we can get a good clean shot and bag the thing. That would be the coolest mount ever!

The snow is starting to melt around cache valley and Kirk and I are hoping to get out and hunt some other varmints as well. There are a lot of Raccoons up Blacksmiths Fork canyon and maybe we can figure out how to hunt those buggers. My .22 wont work for predator hunting, but maybe we can get in close on some fox that we know are around the Cutler Marsh area. Any big predators I have another friend that will let me take his 22-250 out, perhaps on some coyotes. Kirk has a rabbit distress call and a coyote yip call that we can try out, and maybe get into the dog hunting a bit. The coyote's in this area have a $20 bounty on them as well the pelt if preserved can be sold for another $20 or so. I still don't know too much about it, but coyote hunting is something that I will have to get into in the future for sure. There are all kinds a cool hunting video clips on youtube.

All animals filmed in the making of these videos WERE harmed and or killed.
Rabbit Video
Coyote Video
Varmint Video

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A New Hobby

The winter of 2006 was the most boring I have ever endured. My family usually gets out on the sleds or snowmobiles and we have even been snowboarding on the mountain in recent years, but '06 was altogether different. No one had any snowmobiles, and no snowboards, so all my wife and I seemed to do for fun was watch movies. I enjoy a good movie, but that winter was just flat boring.

This winter, again due to my good buddy Kirk, I found a new hobby, ice fishing. I had never been ice fishing until earlier this winter, and actually the first time I went I was not that impressed. Kirk took me out to Mantua Lake and we didn't catch a thing, plus it was cold, windy and fairly miserable. Well, the next trip redeemed Kirk and his crazy idea. We started going to a local place called Porcupine, and just like other fishing I had done, or hunting as well, I got that adrenaline rush and feel in love with a new hobby.

Though it can get fairly extreme at times, especially when Kirk drags me out for a midnight ice fishing attempt. Again my wife and all others I know view it as stupid, it is incredibly fun and my son, Dane has gone out with me a few times. He likes it quite well, and of course loved that he caught the bigger fish that day.

The first trip to Porcupine was earlier in the season and being out on the ice was still a bit sketchy to me. Early in the year the ice was about 5 or 6 inches thick which is plenty to fish on, but out in the middle the ice was crystal clear, and when the snow was cleared from a good area it was as if we were standing on a pain of glass about 3 inches thick. That was a bit scary to me and just overall creepy the way it made you feel peering down, deep into the water, know that it was hundreds of feet deep, and all you stand on is a nearly invisible sheet of ice. Truly the closest thing I think I will get to walking on water.

The ice fishing season is almost over. The temperature is getting quite warm, though it is still fairly cold at nights. In fact we went ice fishing this morning up to Porcupine and the ice was over two and a half feet thick, which burns the arms hand drilling the fishing holes through ice that thick. It is plenty deep to fish on for quite a while, the problem is the edge melts enough that it becomes impossible to get out onto the ice. That's okay though, its almost mountain bike season and I need to get in shape.