Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Adrenaline, Gunpowder, and Feathers

The fall and winter of 2007 has been much different from any other that I have experienced. I have had the opportunity only a handful of times to hunt waterfowl. Those few times I have hunted were with my cousins in Star Valley Wyoming, who have always been big hunters. Here in Utah I had never been able to get into the birds or even know where to start really. This year however I of course hooked up with my good friend Kirk, and he has lead me to yet another addicting hobby.

Though Kirk is even fairly new to the game, he does have a decent boat and gets out on it as often as he can. Here in Cache Valley there are some wetland areas that make for some great waterfowl habitat and thus some good waterfowl hunting. The area we typically hunt is the Cutler Marsh and all this season we made it out at least once a week if not more. It is impossible for me to explain to my wife and many others I know that it is actually fun to get up at 5:00AM, dress in everything warm I can find, boat around in the dark until we can set up the decoys, park ourselves as well hidden in the cattails as we can get, and then blow on duck calls for the rest of the morning. All this while fighting the extreme cold and trying to avoid falling in the water.

It is a bit nuts for sure, but many hunters can attest to the adrenaline that flows through your veins when those birds cup their wings and make their approach towards your decoys. My heart thumps in my chest so hard that I have to calm myself and focus, so that if in fact they do come in to us I can at least attempt to down them with my shotgun. The duck calling and the aim with the gun are arguably the most important parts of duck hunting, but as Kirk would agree my areas that need to most attention. After I shoot my gun three times and not bring down any birds I cannot even recall taking aim or even remember what actually goes through my head when I am shooting, all I know is that it was incredibly fun and sometimes I can bag a bird or two.

I cant wait until next season! We bought a MOJO duck and plan on adding to our spread some geese or other hunting items to make it even better. There is so much to learn and experience, I look forward to taking my boys out someday and teaching them how to hunt and love the outdoors.

Kirk and I with our days bounty.

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