Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Time

This summer so far has been filled with so much chaos and activity that I have not been very good at posting, but I think that is not necessarily bad, because we have been somewhat busy with all the cool stuff we have been doing.

The fishing bug has finally bit me hard. I have been out fishing with Jason on a stretch of river that I have never fished and it has been phenominal. The picture to the side here is of a nice brown that was caught not too long ago. It was probably around 15 inches or so and was a really good fight. The fish we had been catching here have been almost all Brown Trout and they are as fiesty as any trout I have ever had on my line. The first night Jason took me out with him I fished him into the ground catching about 30 nice browns where he caught 10 or 12, he was a bit frustrated, but it was a good night all in all.

I have also been fishing a couple other new spots with some old friends that I grew up around. One of the areas that I have been to is out to Willard bay, which I have been to with Kirk, but with Dale he took me to a different area and taught me some new techniques. It is really fun, because we wade out into the water up to our belly buttons and fish for various different species and have caught quite a few of them.

I was able to take my boys out the other night and show them this new fishing that I have learned. With the good fishing being out in the deep water we got the boys a 6 ft inflatable raft so they could hang out with me out in the water and even fish a little. We had a fun night and even caught a lot of fish. The boys were able to reel a couple of them in and Dane even caught a fish all by himself, which actually surprised be.

Other than the fishing I have been riding my bike more than I ever have before. I have been in better shape this spring and summer than I have for a few years and it sure feels good when I ride or so anything active. I am not sucking wind as bad and can go a lot further than I have in the past.

I am also discovering that there are so many great trails here in the valley, and many of them are closer than I previously thought as well. It would be rad to get down to The Canyons or another mountain that rents downhill bikes and ride that type of scene for a day or so.

Thats all for now, so Trek On.

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What do you do with all fish?