Monday, January 4, 2010

The Luffinator

The Luffinator is the title I am now giving to my talented and always entertaining brother in law, Richard.

I have been meaning to update my blog for quite some time now obviously and I have a lot to post about, but wanted to quickly get in here a memory from this summer that I do not want to forget, however I'm sure that Richard would like for everyone to forget.

It was at the close of our four-wheeling trip you see below, all of us were cleaning up the machines and emptying out the truck and trailer. Kevin (anotha brotha) had showed Richard how to take the governor off when backing the four-wheelers up, thus allowing them to go much faster. Richard thought this was pretty neat and would try it out while backing up one of the wheelers in the driveway. I stood and watched the entire thing and as he got up a lot of speed, turned the handlebars, and what seemed to me in slow motion flipped that dadgum machine over on to his head. Just too much speed, the tires gripping the asphalt and the momentum sending him on his butt with the machine nearly landed on top of him.

It was one of those moments that at first is kind of scary, I had to check to make sure Richard was okay, but as soon as he confirmed to us that he was fine, Kevin and I could not stop laughing. Really, the only thing that was hurt was his pride. It was one of the funniest things I saw all summer and is another classic Richard event that I plan on remembering and harassing him about for a long time.

The photo above is of course not Richard, but is a funny one I found online that paints a great picture of how beautiful this event was.

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