Friday, January 15, 2010

The Summit at Hatcher's Pass

The mountains had been wind blown so bad that there was hardly enough snow to get a good ride in. While still at the bottom we had contemplated whether there was sufficient snow in any area to get a decent ride. Amidst all the rocks and ground exposed we were able to scout out a chute that seemed free from rocks and dangerous terrain.

The weather in the valley had been bitterly cold and caused us to think more than twice about just staying indoors to wait for better temperatures. However, it would be my last weekend before heading into knee surgery, so we gathered up our determination and headed out to face the cold head on. The drive up Hatcher's Pass is short, and upon reaching the top of the road we had left the crazy temperaturs behind us and were now looking at weather nothing like that which was in the valley below. It was beautiful, no wind, sunny, and warm enough that on our hike up, my coat was open, and did not need gloves or a hat.

I have included a picture that shows the view from where I strapped on my board. This was just a little ways off the summit, and from there down the snow was outstanding, as long as we kept to the small saddle or valley that had not been depleted from its snow supply. My board, unfortunately did have one intimate encounter with a hidden rock just beneath the surface of the snow, but the rest of the ride was stellar. It was the only trip of the season and might be the last depending on how the knee heals as well on how much snow we get.

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