Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1st '09 Flight in Alaska

We finally had what could be considered a nice day even for standards other than Alaska. It was nice enough to be outside doing some spring cleaning in a t-shirt and jeans. Amy, the boys and I went outside just to get out. It was such an amazing day, unlike any that we have had thus far in Alaska's so called "spring", literally the first day that has felt like real spring time.

Anyway, we made sure to get outside and enjoy as much as we can of it. Dane has been on his bike like a little psycho. We are going to have to get some pictures of how crazy he is. There are plenty of hills here at the Kenley's and he had absolutely no fear when bombing down them on his bike. It cracks me up how fearless both Dane and Ty are. Ty has become the little grasshoppa, he is jumping down four or five stairs to the landing or leaping of couches and anything else he can jump from. Even when they wreck it doesn't deter them from doing it five minutes later, they are nutz.

Well back to our beautiful spring night. Chuck finally got home around seven, and asked if I could take him over to his airplane. He wanted to get it over to the shop for his mechanic to put his floats on. The lakes are melting quick and within the next couple of weeks he will be able to fly in and out of most lakes here in Alaska. Well, I thought it would be much better to get somebody else to take us over, that way I could ride with him. So, we got Richard to take us over to the plane and of course brought Dane along too. As you can see from some of these pictures, Dane was incredibly excited to go flying in Grandpa's airplane. Chuck seemed to think that Dane has been in this airplane before, but I am not so sure. I haven't even been in this plane for two or three years, I can't remember, but either way its been far too long.

When we took off Dane's smile just kept getting bigger and bigger. He kept wanting to stand up more so he could see everything around and wanted to where the headset so he could talk to Grandpa. I tried to get some decent photos of Dane in the airplane and how excited he was, I think some of them turned out alright, but don't exactly transfer his excitement.

We did not fly much at all, but it was enough to fly over the house and see it from above and Dane sure liked it. I think all of us are pretty excited for summer to come. There is so much to do here in Alaska, and we look forward to getting in as much as we can. The sunlight sure helps in doing a lot of fun stuff in the summer as well, its already staying light until after 10:30 and is only getting more each day. Chuck has been working on getting his big ocean boat ready for this spring as well. I believe that in the next couple of weeks we will be able to take it out and go shrimping at least.

If you will post a comment at the end of this blog entry to let me know you were on and to make fun of Richard as well.
This last photo as you can see is a dandy! When we got out of the truck I handed Richard the camera and asked if he could take a picture of Dane and I by the airplane, little did I know that he quickly snapped one off of his ugly mug before he took our picture. I did not see it until we were looking at the pictures afterward. So, I thought that I would get the last laugh and post it on my blog for all the family and friends to see.


Da Ballou's said...

Hey I didn't know you had your own blog as well, thanks for sending me the link. I love the picture of Dane in the plane he is getting so grown up.. Maybe he will be a pilot :) We definatly need to make it up to Alaska sometime in the near future I think Beau would really like it. Keep the pictures coming we love them.

micHelle said...

Loved the pics! It's so nice to see pictures of the boys... and you and Amy too. It appeared Dane was enjoying the flight. What an opportunity for them. Sure do miss you guys.'re all my favorite kids your size, love ya.

P.S, Don't know about the bike. Sounds like broken bones to me.

The Faustino Ohana said...

Sound just about right con'ing Richard into taking you and dad to the planes while you get to ride.

And that pic of Richard is hideous. I ought to send you the one he took on my phone at Disneyland. It was Mexi-Rich at its best.