Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mtn Bike Pump Track - Oh Ya!

I find myself posting this one due to my lack of self control. I cannot stop thinking about mountain biking and getting a pump track going this spring. I have finally convinced Amy that I NEED this bike you see here. It is a Giant STP 1 dirt jumper and I have been scoping them out and dreaming of getting one for the last two years now or pretty much since meeting Kirk. He is the cause of many of my addictions and bad habits now. It has actually become so bad that when I am being a bum and not wanting to go outside, Amy will just turn to me and say "WWKD", that is to say what would Kirk do? Anyway, I finally got this bike ordered the other day, so it is on its way at least. It will take a few weeks to get in, because I ordered thru the local bike shop and had them include it in their orders, which will take longer but cost me nothing for shipping. I am so close to uniting with the mistress that has dominated my dreams as of late.

I have also been working on Chuck to get his okay for building a pump track somewhere on his property. Between him and Grandpa Oberg there should be plenty of space to put one in. I have yet to determine where I can put the track itself, but I did get the okay to build a dirt jump line down the hill by the shed. It is a perfect little hill to have probably four or five jumps on the downward slope and have some fun.

Also, I have been wanting to post some pumptrack videos on here for your viewing pleasure and they're just rad, so check out couple of these quick flicks.

This pump track with Mark Weir is similar to what I will build.

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Tina said...

Lee!! I had no idea you were such an excellent blogger!? It was so fun to read up on what you guys have been up to and to see pics of you guys doing such fun stuff!! Yeah for the new looks amazing!