Saturday, April 25, 2009

4 x 4 and Guns

These pictures were taken recently on our excursion to the river banks on the mighty Matanuska River here in Alaska. They were taken with my iPhone and by my wife who has been known for producing less than stellar photos when she is behind the lens. As you can see in a couple of them, she has her finger in the way and it shows up in the bottom of the photo.

However low quality the photos may be from the phone or due to Amy's talents it still show's our little diggin adventure we had over one of our last weekends. It was still a bit cold, but we didn't let that stop us from getting outside and having some fun.

My buddy Ryan has an old 1980 CJ Jeep that he has been dying to take us out in for a few weeks now, so we finally hooked up with him and his wife Tisha and got out on the river banks. We also took our little twenty-two rifles to shoot at some targets and plink around a little bit while we were out. I hate to admit it, but I think Amy came away as the victor in our friendly shooting contest. She doesn't shoot much but when she does it is seems to be on target for the most part.

Ryan took us boggin down thru the river and into some pretty tight trees that wipped you in the face a little bit if you weren't careful. Ty wasn't so much a fan of the trees and the bouncing around in the back seat of that jeep with Ryan at the healm, but Dane absolutely loved it. Dane did not want to get out, but instead wanted to keep riding in the back and go through as much water and mud as he could get Ryan to find.

This trip we did not have the Trooper, because it was still in the shop for its extensive mechanic work that it has recently undergone. Some of you may know the happy times that we have had with this vehicle, but needless to say we are keeping that thing for the rest of my life. That thing will be what my boys drive to school when they get their licenses. Anyway, its good I guess because Amy really loves that Trooper

Well whoever reads this if you wouldn't mind leave me a quick comment by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post and simply letting me know that you were on here, if not no big deal, thanks.

I can't wait to get out more this summer as Alaska finally warms up a little bit, you should get out too.

Trek On


Lee & Amy Harmon said...

I can't manage to hold a camera steady but I can hold a rifle still enough to shoot a bullseye! Lee failed to mention that I only took 5 shots and still whooped him.

micHelle said...

Nice pics... for a phone. What's this about Amy whippin your butt? She did that down here as well. You better take some lessons Lee.

Grandma Saker said...

It is so fun to see your boys and how much they have changed since the last time I have seen them. I think as I remember that is a little how your mother was she could out shoot all the boys.
So Amy must take after your mom. But I wouldn't worry about it I think dad would love to go hunting with your. But he wouldn't leave your mom home either. Love ya Lee

Konie said...

I'm your mom's boss! she sure does miss you all. It is great to hear and see about your family. Good luck with all and come visit her, or just send the boys!

Da Ballou's said...

So fun, we want to come play!